Sandy Senestrari: Family Constellations

Sandy Senestrari: Family Constellations

Sandy Senestrari or Sandy Senes, is a writer born in Córdoba, Argentina in 1964.

She has lived in Córdoba, and in Villa la Angostura, In Patagonia in the south of Argentina.  She Works in Córdoba, Buenos Aires, Corrientes, and Villa la Angostura, in Argentina and in other countries like Uruguay, where she usually works in five different cities. She has also worked regularly in Mexico, Playa del Carmen.

In her Spiritual Psychotherapy, she combines transpersonal therapy, transgenerational analysis and regressive or past life therapy, using her clairaudience capacity or natural canalization as an inquiry and therapeutical approach tool.   As transgenerational and Psych sociology clinic analyst she organizes organizational and family constellations in the different places where she works, in which she uses her canalization capacity in the resolution and healing of the constellations, modifying the traditional technique to reach a deep emotional blockages understanding from family systems problematic with a more effective conflict resolution than with the traditional technique.

As floral therapist she uses Bach, Californian, and Mediterranean flowers among others in the healing treatment.  She includes her knowledge in sound therapy, inner alchemy and bioenergetics medicine in her job.

She is a Kirlian interpretation and diagnosis specialist using aura and bioplasmic body reading.

She is a breast-feeding and psychological relationship specialist in maternal and child health, who worked for the NGO international organization La Leche League,

She was formed as a Pranic Psychotherapist and Chelation healing in Socrates Bariloche Centre from the Ministry of Education and Culture.

She is a Traditional Reiki Master from Natural Healing Usui System.

She is an Enneagram Specialist in level I, II and III from Roberto Perez’ Enneagram Foundation in Argentina.

She offers conferences, talks and workshops in different psychotherapy matters in Argentina, Mexico, and Uruguay.

As SANDY SENES she is a writer, and her first book “With my voice and hands, your Angels speak” she has reached different countries in The Americas and Europe.  In this book, she uses Psychographics, as a means of communication between the readers and their Angels, Spirit guides, Ascended Masters and their dead loved ones, for their guidance and assistance helping people to transit their present lives.

The Psychographics are spirit writings channelled from Beings of light for the people who using the book receive a clear and personal message for their lives.

Sandy Senestrari is planning to visit Sydney, Australia, the next October 2017. Her goal is bringing her Family Constellation Workshop and also help people with individual consultations. Enquiries please contact or Ph 0414 379 682.