Alexander Arias Reques

Alexander Arias Reques

A gipsy artist with so many talents, from Venezuela to Europe, and now in Australia. He shares his story with the world, about art and music.

Alexander has studies in Industrial Design, Drama and Acting Method in the Academy of RCTV Caracas Venezuela. Then in Scotland UK, studies SQE in English and HNC in Product Design. Also in Australia Diploma on Industrial Design at TAFE, Diploma in Information Technology and Advanced Diploma in Business at the Canterbury Business College.

Actually developing new skills and certificates on a new career in Industrial Safety and methods of protection for Sydney trains.

Entrepreneur and creator, developing new ways of expression and production on audio-visuals projects also objects. Editing media and management teamwork. A passionate humanist and tireless movie watcher, a lover of music, art, culture, universal history and Venezuela.

To know more about Alex’s work, please visit, where you can find his amazing designed pieces. Impeccables and modern designs. Design is a style of life where simplicity is a complex issue…

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